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The WAVE Sequencer employs state-of-the-art technology to shut down and isolate vulnerable electrical components during local thunderstorms. The Sequencer receives digitally encoded signals from the WAVE Transmitter to initiate the orderly protection of golf course irrigation equipment.

The WAVE Transmitter accepts contact-closure signals from the Strike Guard Lightning Data Receiver and sends disable and/or enable signals via radio to the Sequencer based on detection of local lightning by Strike Guard.

Each Sequencer allows three separate electrical power feeds to be switched with programmable delays. The 12V DC outputs of the Sequencer are designed to control contactors appropriate for managing the loads represented by pumps, irrigation systems and other critical equipment.

WAVE Sequencer Delivers:
Three mile wireless communication link distance
Secure encoded communications
Front-panel status indicators for communication, battery and power source
Battery back-up for uninterrupted operation in a lightning environment
Low-voltage outputs for controlling relays
Stainless steel enclosure, optional NEMA 4X enclosure

WAVE Siren Sequencer
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Signal Output: 12V DC for each of the three outputs
Output Delay Range: 0-320 seconds per output on Sequence On and Sequence Off command
Communication: Superheterodyne. Complete RF supervision
Antenna: Standard 3 ft monopole antenna
Antenna Cable: 25 ft coaxial cable with connectors and stainless steel mounting hardware

Download PDF Data Sheet for details

Download Strike Guard, WAVE Siren & WAVE Sequencer installation diagram


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