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Strike View now operates across a Local Area Network (LAN)

Strike View Software connects to the Strike Guard Data Receiver to provide PC based lightning data displays, alarming and data logging.

Strike View provides information to assist the user to categorize lightning data, analyze storm progression, and determine time to resume operations. Strike View expands upon the information presented by the Lightning Data Receiver.

Strike View with E-mail Notification automatically sends e-mails for lightning caution, warning, alarm and all-clear conditions. E-mail is compatible with text messaging and paging technology to provide alerts while mobile.

Strike View Software operates across a local area network (LAN). Click here for the Strike View on a LAN diagram.

Strike View Delivers:
Lightning count information in three range categories: Caution (<20 miles), Warning (<10 miles) and Alarm (<5 miles)
• User-set audible and visual alarms
• E-mail notification for lightning and all-clear conditions
• System state indicators
• Lightning data logging
• Lightning data histogram
• Password protected alarm programming
• Countdown to "No Lightning Detected"
• Lightning-proof fiber-optic link between Lightning Data Receiver and PC

Strike View Screenshot
Click here for image gallery

Computer Requirements:
64MB RAM, Pentiumฎ 1 or higher recommended
Platform: Windowsฎ 98/ME/2000/XP
Interface: Fiber-optic cable and Strike Guard RS-232 to Fiber-optic Converter. USB interface available from Wxline
Format: Installation CD

Download PDF data sheet for details

Strike View on a Local Area Network (LAN) diagram

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