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WAVE employs state-of-the-art technology to address the most demanding audible and visual notification and warning applications over areas of less than an acre to hundreds of acres.

Designed for critical safety applications, the WAVE Transmitter broadcasts digitally encrypted messages to activate WAVE Siren Stations within a three mile radius. The Transmitter accepts contact-closure signaling for automated triggering during programmable hours of operation.

WAVE Siren Station horns are modular in design to provide audible notification specific to the desired coverage area and application.

WAVE Siren Delivers:
Automatic or manual wireless siren actuation within a three mile radius
Secure encoded communications
High-intensity strobe light for visual notification
Stainless steel mounting plate and horns with quick-connect technology simplifies installation
Comprehensive, automatic self-test for RF communication and system status
Solar- or AC-powered Siren Station available
High capacity battery back-up for uninterrupted operation in a lightning environment

WAVE Siren Station
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Typically affixed to a custom 12 ft. (above ground) fiberglass pole. Also designed for tripod mounts and pressure-treated wood pole mounts (4X6 or 6X6)
External Indicators:
Status, power and communication
Up to four compression drivers per Siren Station
Horn Output: 130 dB at 3 m
Eight-inch monopole antenna. High-gain antenna available for longer range
External Power: Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Solar-powered option available

Download PDF Data Sheet for details

Download Strike Guard and WAVE Siren installation diagram

Listen to the available WAVE Siren Station Sounds
Download times depend on the speed of your connection.
Available Siren Alarm and All-clear sounds: (click speaker icon)

Horn-Siren-Horn-Siren (default Alarm sound)

Horn Intermittent (default All-clear sound)

Horn Continuous

Siren Wail
Alternate Sounds:

Police Siren

Ramping to Continuous


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