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The lightning-proof Strike Guard Fiber-optic Converter provides an economical means to convert standard RS-232 serial communications ports to bi-directional fiber-optic links.

The Strike Guard Fiber-optic Converter replaces unreliable, low- to medium-speed copper serial data lines with low-cost, connector-less, fiber-optic cable. The Strike Guard technology greatly reduces the expense and trouble associated with traditional, glass-based fiber-optic conversion schemes and it provides tremendous enhancement of reliability over twisted-pair, short haul modems.

Strike Guard Fiber-Optic Converters Deliver:
Lightning-proof and lightning-safe serial communication for greatest reliability and safety
Greatly increased serial link distance over single-ended, RS-232 copper links
Instant termination - no connectors, no crimping, no polishing, no epoxy
Total autonomy from external power supplies
Elimination of transient suppression devices
Robust design for long, trouble-free operation

RS232 to Fiber-optic Converter
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Electrical Connector: 9-socket, D sub, DTE compatible
Power: Port-powered, no external power supply or battery required
Fiber-optic Cable: 1.0 mm (1000 um) poly-methylmethacrylate (PMMA) core with PVC or polyethylene jacket, simplex or duplex
Fiber-optic Connectors: None, fiber mates directly to transmitter and receiver
Baud Rate: 1,200-19,200 baud at 100 meters guaranteed with low cost fiber-optic cable (distances up to 1 kilometer with higher grade fiber)
Warranty: Standard one-year manufacturer warranty on parts and labor

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